KVA Offers Water Jetting to Clear Clogged Pipes

If you're trying to find a professional Los Angeles plumbing company to take care of water jetting services in your home or at your place of business, call on KVA. Our skilled and helpful techs take all the worry and guess work out of choosing a top quality business in LA. Plus, we get the job done properly, all the time.

Water jetting service usually include forcing lots of high pressure water through a pipe system in order to effectively clear all blockages. If you hear the term hydrojetting, they mean the same thing.  Water jetting is really effective at removing tough buildup, particularly in tough floor drain situations like in restaurants where lots of grease can build up and cause clogs.

The other benefits of hydro/water jetting is that it does not leave behind dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the environment, it has less risk of damaging toilets and sinks, and it removes additional buildup that could cause future problems along with the main clog.

Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Tips

Laundry Room: Most people neglect their washer and dryer hose hookups, but you should look at them every so often. Upgrade any bulging hoses to maximize energy efficiency.

Kitchen and Bathroom: Hair and soap do not a cheerful drain make. Use strainers to help reduce long term problems.

Bathroom: Running toilets typically mean a component of the flushing system has a leak, and needs to be changed.

Basements: Sewer gasses can outflow through drains that are not frequently used. Running water through your drains can counteract this.

Garbage Disposal: Ensure you aren't confusing your garbage disposal with a garbage can. Overuse is definitely the No. 1 cause for garbage disposals requiring repair or replacement.