Fiber-Optic Video Inspection of Water Lines & Pipes

Think you might have a leaky pipe, but don't want to spend a bunch of money getting it fixed and having someone tear up your yard? Well, there are a few steps you can take.

First, take a reading of your water meter before leaving for the day, optimally around ten hours, and don't leave any water-based appliances running. When you return, check the number and if it is different, you probably have a leak.

Second step: call KVA Plumbing. We can provide fiber-optic video camera line inspection services that can find out where the leak is located. We send our tube-like camera into a drain, winding it down the pipes, until we locate the crack, loose seal, or other issue. Then we can discuss possible solutions for pipe replacement, repair, or trenchless inliner services.

What are the Advantages of this Technology?

Consider having an outdoor pipe leak where water is pooling up in your lawn.  A video camera line inspection allows a plumber to see that a root has grown into the pipe, causing the leak.  This localizes the problem and allows a suggestion to fix it, such as a trench-less inliner, which will fix the leak by digging a tiny hole in your yard instead of digging up the entire yard along the pipes.  Or perhaps the video camera inspection simply finds a clog.  A simple hydro jetting will clear the line without any removal of landscape at all.

KVA delivers top of the line services to houses and companies all over Los Angeles. With KVA, our plumbing services are always reliable and keep upkeep fees lower.

Do not get hosed! Make KVA your trusted  provider for any kind of drain cleaning, pipe replacement, and basic maintenance services, emergency or non-emergency.

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