Unobtrusive Trenchless Inliner Pipe Replacement

When you need Los Angeles area pipe replacement for underground water systems, the best way to go is trenchless inliner services. KVA's skilled and helpful technicians take all the worry and guesswork out of deciding on a top quality plumber in Los Angeles. We get the job done properly, every time.

A trenchless inliner involves using a special polymer to revitalize existing damaged pipes without the need for full-on pipe replacement or costly re-piping.  Typically, trench-less inlining only requires the digging of a small hole outdoors, whereas full re-piping would tear up your entire yard, costing much more in labor and replacement materials. This service is effective at revitalizing outdoor pipes and water lines from obstacles like normal wear and tear, or even root damage underground.

If you care about the quality of your lawn, call KVA for this unobtrusive method of re-piping.

Suggestions from your Local Plumbing Business

Laundry: A lot of people ignore their washer and dryer hose hookups, but you really should look at them from time to time. Change any bulging hoses to maximize energy efficiency.

Kitchen: Ice cubes and citrus rinds can be a great natural way of cleaning your garbage disposal. It helps to run soap and hot water occasionally as well.

Septic Tanks: Be sure your septic tanks are inspected every few years just to make sure you avoid any horrible, horrible situations…trust us.

Water Heaters: When you have a tank water heater, empty a few gallons of water from the bottom annually to get rid of sediment accumulation.

Garbage Disposal: Ensure you aren't confusing your garbage disposal with a garbage can. Incorrect usage is definitely the No. 1 cause of garbage disposal failure.

Kitchen: Make sure there's no water leaking underneath the faucet when the sink is running. No water should drip down there. If you have any leaking, call KVA ASAP!