Expert Toilet Maintenance & Installation

Dribbling a basketball does not make you a Los Angeles Laker and holding a plunger does not make you a plumber!

Servicing toilets requires a certain level of expertise, elbow grease, and even finesse to be successfully executed, skills that are learned over the course of years in training and out in the field. And installing toilets is a whole other beast!

Toilet maintenance usually involves either unclogging, replacing flush mechanisms, identifying seals that have cracked to form leaks, or many other seemingly insignificant issues that account for gallons of wasted water. We have trained eyes who know how to discover and fix these problems, or install a new model if necessary. Toilet installation is an available service from KVA for either single upgrades and replacements, full home remodels, or entire buildings that are being newly constructed. Call KVA today to discover more!

Tips From KVA Pluming Company

Toilets: Keeping a wastebasket in your bathroom helps to reduce plumbing issues with toilets- you'll be way less tempted to flush items that needs to be getting tossed.

Laundry: A lot of people neglect their washer and dryer hose hookups, but you really should check them occasionally. Change any protruding hoses to maximize energy efficiency.

Kitchen: If your garbage disposal is stopped up, try hitting the reset button to start with. It's that little red-colored switch under the unit.

Laundry Area: Try to only run the washing machine and clothes dryer when you've got complete loads. This will save lots of water and energy-especially in more mature models of washer/ dryers.

Outdoor Plumbing: Always make sure your window wells don't have any buildup from outdoor debris like leaves.

Faucets and Sinks: Aerators can be cleaned out by unscrewing them from the tip of the faucet, a technique that can regain perceived lost water pressure.