Eco-Friendly Tech: Tankless Water Heaters

Big families have to deal with the hassle of being the last person in the shower and getting icy-cold water sprayed on your shivering body. Nobody likes that.

Is there an alternative to water heater tanks, which never have enough hot water to satisfy everyone? Yes there is: a tank-less water heater!

 KVA delivers expert tankless water heater installation and maintenance solutions at economical prices. If you need to find one of the best plumbing businesses in Los Angeles, look no further!

Tankless water heaters use hot metal coils that actually heat the water as it passes through them, instead of storing hot water, like a tank. This allows for a steady stream of hot water and prevents cold showers. Additionally, they take up less room inside your residence, because they don't require a huge storage tank.

KVA provide options for installation and maintenance of your tankless water heater.  We highly recommend this product because it is saves money on energy bills and is better for the environment. Call to ask for more details or ask for brand suggestions.

Tips From the Professional Plumbers

Water Heaters: Don't keep anything in your hot water heater storage room. It could be a fire hazard!

Water Meter: Think you may have a leak in your water lines because of inflated bills? Check your meter and note the reading before leaving the house for awhile when no water is going to be used. Give the meter a quick look when you get back…if the reading differs, there is probably a leak.

Kitchen: Ice cubes and citrus rinds can be a fantastic natural method of cleaning your garbage disposal. It helps to run soap and hot water occasionally as well.

Outdoor: When you have a septic tank, try to have it checked every few years to avoid...horrible, horrible scenarios.

Backyard Domestic: Check your faucets and hoses every now and then. If any of them have low pressure, it might be a sign of a leak inside the distributing pipe.

Garbage Disposal: Get in the habit of running warm water through your disposal before and after using it...10 or 15 seconds should be sufficient.