Sump Pump Installation & Maintenance

Sump pumps are placed in basements, underground units, or anywhere else that flooding could occur, and remove excess water from a hole in the ground, called a "sump." This hole collects water, which is then pumped out and properly disposed of.

While the rain in Los Angeles isn't as bad as, say, Seattle, there are still times when flooding does occur. These can cause back flow of sewage systems to spill excrement and waste into residences and buildings, which is eactly what the sump pump was designed to prevent.

To find out more about getting one of these devices installed or receiving maintenance on an existing unit, call KVA tody. We even assist construction companies looking to remodel or build new structures who want sound plumbing in place.

Plumbing Services in Los Angeles, California

KVA delivers amazing residential service in the greater Los Angeles area. With KVA, you get always-dependable workers and high standards. KVA also offers excellent commercial services that will help save your company costly maintenance down the road if you take preventative measures now.

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