Pipe Replacement Service

If you are searching for a professional company to take care of pipe replacement service services at your residence or office, rely on KVA as one of the highest quality local plumber companies in Los Angeles. KVA's professional and friendly technicians take all the stress and guess work out of deciding on a top of the line plumber in Los Angeles. We get the job done to your expectations, every time.

Pipe replacement service can involve the replacement of one or more damaged pipes, either outdoors, such as main water lines, or indoors, such as copper piping attached to faucets, sinks, and other fixtures. Full installation or total re-piping is also common during events like home or commercial building remodels, or simply when new houses, apartments, or commercial buildings are constructed.

What many folks don't realize is how much money is lost due to a damaged unit, no matter how slight. Even a small drip or steady leak can add up to hundreds of dollars per month. If you think there may be a problem, it is easy to check. Simply make a note of your water gauge before leaving the house and then re-look when you return, preferably 10 hours later. A change in the absence of activity probably indicates a broken, loose, leaky, or otherwise faulty pipe.

Tips from KVA on Proper Maintenance

Water Heater: Give your hot water heater a look… make sure the temperature is set to 120 degrees. You will not want it to be any warmer and you will actually risk scalding if it is!

Laundry Room: A great way to save energy costs and water as a side effect of improving your house is to upgrade your washer and dryer. Replacing your washing machines can cut your energy expenses considerably and you may be subject to a tax write-off at the same time.

Laundry Room: Washer and dryer hookups are not typically on your mind, but changing hoses with bumps or wear could make your laundry room more energy-efficient.

Hot Water Heaters: If you have a tank water heater, empty a few gallons of water from it once a year to get rid of sediment build up.

Garbage Disposal: Ensure you are not confusing your garbage disposal with a garbage can. Inappropriate use is the No. 1 cause for garbage disposals requiring repair or replacement.

Basement or Laundry Room: Did you know you can put in a flood alarm in laundry areas or basements where leaks may go undetected? These can help greatly minimize water damage and mold.