Full Household Plumbing and Maintenance

If you're looking for an expert company to handle full resdiential plumbing in your home or even at your place of business, rely on KVA as one of the finest quality Los Angeles businesses. Our qualified and friendly plumbing specialists will tackle all of your household services and make sure every job is done right.

Full household plumbing and maintenance means we do it all.  The full monty.  Want an inspection, tweaking, adjustment and drain cleaning of your entire water system and all appliances?  Done. Need a plumber to handle your remodel or newly built house to ensure you have a beautiful top-of-the-line water system inside and out for the life of your home with minimal maintenance.  Call KVA today.  We do it all, and we do it all right.

Tips To Help You Save Money on Utility Bills

  • Try not to use lots of detergents or harsh chemicals that could interfere with the natural bacteria inside your septic system.
  • Eco-friendly soaps and detergents are always what you want.
  • You can purchase small water timers that attach to your outdoor faucets. These are great for minimizing the potential risk of letting water run during activities like watering the yard or filling up your swimming pool.
  • It's hardly ever necessary to set your water heater greater than 120 degrees. Check exactly where your water temp is set and change it accordingly.

Toilet Humor
The difference in liquid levels of a discharge tank and centerline pump is called the “discharge head.” Also, there are things called “discharge tanks” and “centerline pumps.” Yeah, we think it's funny too.