Floor Drain Maintenance

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Floor drain maintenance usually entails using a plumber snake or hydrojetting (sometimes called water jetting) to unclog problematic drains. Floor drains with particular difficult-to-remove buildup, like restaurants with continuous grease deposits, might need professional hydrojetting. Backup could be the result of damaged pipes as well, or possibly sewer line mishaps. Contact us for a consultation to examine the problem.

Simple Tips To Help You Conserve Water and Energy

  • Try to avoid using lots of detergents or harsh chemicals that may interfere with the natural bacteria inside your septic system. These bacteria eat away at grease and oil that causes backflow issues.
  • Guess how many gallons of water are wasted by a faucet that drips once per second? 240 gallons monthly! So deal with ANY leaks quickly, regardless of how tiny you think they may be.
  • Guess what 40% of your water consumption is from? The toilet. Trying to cut back your energy expenses? Consider starting with your porcelain throne by keeping the seat down instead of flushing each time.
  • Ensure your water heater is not set over 120 degrees- many times it can be set too high and may be overheating water, only for it to cool off prior to use or simply run hot, increasing the chance of dangerous scalding.

Toilet Humor
A drain cleaning tool with a rubber bladder, hose valve and nozzle is called a “blow bag.” We love saying that.