Faucet and Sink Plumbing

When you need greater Los Angeles area faucet and sink plumbing, take a look at KVA for services executed as professionally as the finest plumbing providers in Los Angeles and at prices that won't break the bank. Our professional and friendly technicians will install your faucet or clean your sink, or vice versa, and make sure the job is done to meet your expectations... every time! Whether it's drain cleaning, unclogging or installations, call KVA.

Faucet and sink plumbing is usually centered around drain cleaning. But KVA can also help with kitchen remodels by installing new fixtures or repiping your water lines to run water just the way you like it.

Quick Tips To Lower Utility Bill Costs

  • Showerheads are another great fixture to change for everybody who is attempting to save energy or water usage. The new ones are really cool and energy efficient.
  • Many leaks within your water system might be too little to go detected by your water company, but you can check your water meter to be sure you're leak free. Try this by checking out the reading during a time you will be leaving your house and no utilities will be run. Check it again about ten hours afterwards, or upon your return, and make sure the reading has not changed.
  • Very small and affordable timers exist that you can affix to outside faucets- great for saving water when watering the lawn.
  • Don't set your hot water heater temperature over 120 degrees. You aren't going to desire the excessively high temperature and may actually be wasting a lot of energy in so doing.

Toilet Humor
That black bobber that rests in the back of your toilet is called a “ballcock.” Go ahead - it's okay to laugh.