Plumbing Experts in Cerritos

For anybody in search of a Cerritos plumbing technician for any plumbing needs in your home or your business, you shouldn't fall for the gimmicky plumbing companies. Take a look at KVA Plumbing. Located in the greater Los Angeles area and helping Cerritos along with other Los Angeles County townships, KVA Plumbing delivers some of the best service to our customers at prices they can easily afford.

Residential Plumber in Cerritos

KVA provides virtually any of the plumbing services imaginable regarding outdoor plumbing, indoor plumbing and appliances or any equipment that uses water and needs upkeep, maintenance or installation. At KVA, we're continually attempting to satisfy our clients. For any Cerritos plumbing services around the house, trust we'll get the job done correctly for the long haul.

Cerritos Commercial Plumbing Contractor

Commercial plumbing jobs in Cerritos? No worries. KVA Plumbing provides great industrial plumbing services also. Don't let your Cerritos commercial plumbing services fall into the wrong hands. Trust KVA for industrial plumbing services in Cerritos and many surrounding areas.

Plumbing Company Calendar: Seasonal Tips To Keep Your Plumbing in Good Shape

Showerhead weak and dribbly or just seemed to have lost pressure? Clean it with vinegar by tying a plastic bag around it and soaking overnight. It may just be clogged with things like mineral deposits.

You can check your toilet for hidden or small leaks by using food coloring. Drop about 5 drops in your toilet tank. If color seeps into the bowl after a half hour or so, you have a leak! Call a KVA plumbing tech to get it fixed!

Give a nice, thorough exam to the old toilet for signs of water damage and leaks. This could mean bubbly vinyl, stains, things like that. Fix it if necessary!

If it’s getting colder, it means your water heater is going to work more. Drain A few gallons of water from it in order to get rid of any buildup or sediment and keep it running efficiently. If you've got the dough, switch to a tankless water heater. It'll save you money and energy in the long run. KVA plumbing service techs can get your new tankless water heater installed right.