Flintridge Plumbing Professionals

For anyone who is sick and tired of dealing with rude plumbers and Flintridge plumbing services that just do not get the job done, call KVA Plumbing today. We'll get the job done right for you and ensure you're completely satisfied. Based in the greater Los Angeles area, KVA Plumbing delivers plumbers in Flintridge and in most of the surrounding LA County communities. We'll allow you to get excellent services at competitive prices.

Domestic Local Plumber in Flintridge

We offer the Flintridge area almost any plumbing services you can think of, be it piping or equipment upkeep and installation. KVA Plumbing constantly wants to get the job done perfectly. For almost any Flintridge plumbing services around the house, trust we'll get the job done right to meet your needs.

Flintridge Commercial Plumbers

Industrial plumbing needs in Flintridge? No worries . KVA Plumbing delivers great commercial plumbing service as well. Don't just rely on any pluming company in Flintridge for your commercial needs! KVA Plumbing will complete the job correctly for almost any plumbing service in Flintridge or the nearby areas.

The Plumbing Calendar: Seasonal Tips from your Los Angeles Plumber

Lots of family over for the holidays? If you can, try to spread out showers to avoid overuse and to conserve energy from your water heater.

Go ahead and clean up that shower head! You can soak it in vinegar to get rid of clogging mineral deposits and reestablish it's full water pressure. Or, consider an upgrade to a more water-efficient design. New shower heads have some awesome features these days that save lots of water.

The Summer Season:
Be sure there’s a nice, cute wastebasket in your bathroom-so your toilet doesn’t get used as a trash can.

The Fall Season:
Vacationing or planning leaving for holiday trips? Shut off your main water valve, run faucets at high and low levels of the house and drain your piping.