Setting and Fixing Water Temperature Controls

Trying to find hot water tempering service specialists in Los Angeles or nearby locations? KVA delivers hot water tempering solutions and valve installation that rivals many of the best commercial plumbing businesses around the greater Los Angeles area at affordable prices.

Hot water tempering refers to controlling the temperature of water in various systems. KVA can install hot water tempering valves and maintain any water system that makes use of hot water tempering. Call us today for any of your commercial or industrial needs.

Don't settle for lukewarm showers, make sure all the settings and equipment are properly calibrated. We can make sure that all of your hot water needs are met.

General Plumbing Tips

Showers and Baths: Faucets can be cleaned and reconditioned to full pressure through the use of vinegar solutions to remove mineral deposit buildup.

Kitchens and Bathrooms: Leaky sinks might seem like they're no big deal, but they can be extremely costly whenever your water bill comes around. Make sure any leaks are repaired immediately, unless you really like  service fees and higher water bills!

Laundry Room: Washer and dryer hookups aren't typically on the front of the brain...but check them every so often-bulging tubes signify you're wasting energy and dropping performance.

Outdoor Commercial Plumbing: Make sure your window wells are

Kitchen: Make sure there is no water leaking under the faucet if the sink is running. No water should build up or trickle down there. Water beneath the sink is generally a sign of a leak.