Repairing Compressed Air Systems

If you are looking for a professional commercial or industrial plumbing company to handle or service your compressed air systems in your business, rely on KVA as one of the finest quality in Los Angeles. We provide service to Glendale, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, and more local LA businesses. KVA's professional and friendly commercial staff takes all the stress and guesswork out of choosing where to go for a leaky seal, non-flushing toilet, or burst water tank. We get the job done to your expectations.

Compressed air systems are common in large industrial or commercial buildings. KVA can handle just about any system you can throw at us. We can also handle replacement or installation of units into new facilities.

Toilet Humor

A drain cleaning gadget with a rubber bladder, hose valve and nozzle is called a "blow bag."

General Plumbing Tips

Pipes: Think about installing shock absorbers around your water lines if you can hear rattling when water gets switched on and off through the house.

Sinks and Faucets: Any of your sinks and faucets have low water pressure? Examine the aerator to start. It's that small thing you see if you unscrew the end of the faucet.

Laundry Room: Washer and dryer hookups are not typically on the front of the brain... but check them every so often-bulging tubes mean you're wasting energy and dropping performance.

Basements: Sewer gas can outflow through drains that aren't used often. Run water through your basement floor drain and any other less- often employed drains to prevent this.

Kitchen Sink: What's the most frequent time of year for kitchen sink drain clogs? You guessed it, right after Thanksgiving. Guess I'm not the only one who gets too stuffed!

Kitchen Area: Make sure there is absolutely no water leaking underneath the faucet when the sink is running. No water should develop or drip down there. If you have any water leaking contact KVA commercial plumbing service ASAP!