Complete Commercial Plumbing Gets You Out of Any Jam!

If you're looking for a commercial or industrial plumbing company to handle all of your services, from easy fixes to emergency situations, then you're in luck! KVA has been in business for over a decade handling all sorts of mishaps, burst pipes, clogged toilets, installations, and more at offices and companies around the greater Los Angeles area. KVA's skilled and pleasant experts take all the worry and guesswork out of choosing a top quality commercial plumber in Los Angeles. We get the job done properly, every time.

Complete service means we handle all of the repairs and preventative maintenance your commercial or industrial building needs, from preventative services to full-on replacement of your water systems. We can also do complete installs for renovations or new construction. Call us today!

How Does Commercial Plumbing Help Your Business?

A toilet that overflows and causes the public restroom to flood is bad for business. The smell and appearance is off-putting to customers and distracting to employees.

You could simply call a plumber to unclog the pipe, but that doesn't address the real problem: you need to prevent the problems before they occur.

KVA offers a full line of business-related services to assist companies or restaurants decrease emergency expenditures. These include preventative measures that will help your building steer clear of costly fixes in the future.

Do not get hosed by gimmicky or un-reputable businesses! Call up KVA instead to receive amazing assistance from well-regarded professionals, regardless of what kind of service you require. We deliver some of the very best in landlord calls, restaurant plumbing, equipment installations and emergency service.

Toilet Humor
When pipes or hoses are put together with fittings, it’s called inserting the male end into the female end, or “mating.”