The Plumber's Specialty: Toilet Service

I doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, your building has a toilet. If it doesn't... well that propbably leads to some awkward moments where you're racing to the closest grocery store or fastfood restaurant.

Toilet maintenance is our bread and butter. We have methods for clearing clogs, like hydrojetting, we can install a low-water unit to save on energy bills, or we can repair a leaky seak or broken flushing mechanism. Basically, when it comes to toilets, we are the kings sitting atop the porcelain throne!

Toilet service can mean large installations for building remodels or construction, or preventative maintenance when you have a large amount of toilets in one building. Preventative measures can ensure sewage lines stay in tact and clog free, preventing costly replacements or repair in the future. No matter what size commercial or industrial building you have, KVA can handle all of your repairs, maintenance and installations.

Commercial Plumbing Services in Los Angeles, California

KVA offers pro industrial plumbing services to pretty much every township within the greater Los Angeles community. KVA offers a full line of business-related services to help companies or restaurants reduce their bills. These include preventative measures which can help your building steer clear of expensive repairs in the future.

Do not get hosed by unethical plumbing businesses! Call up KVA today for any of your emergency, basic servicing, industrial equipment installing or long-term needs!