Chilled Water System Services

Looking for chilled water systems service and repair in Los Angeles or nearby locations? KVA can provide expert solutions at affordable prices. If you're looking for one of the best commercial or industrial plumbing businesses in Los Angeles, look no further!

Chilled water systems are common in certain industrial buildings, factories, plants or commercial buildings for various uses. No matter what your system, KVA can offer maintenance, repair, or replacement of all your industrial water systems.

Tips From the Plumbers

Water Meter: Feel you may have a leak inside your water lines because of inflated bills? Check your meter and write down the reading prior to leaving your house for a while when no water is going to be utilized. Look At it again about 10 hours later or when you come back...if the meter has adjusted, it is really possible there is a leak.

Garbage Disposals: If your garbage disposal is clogged up and you just get that buzzing sound, try pushing reset before calling the plumbing contractor. It's ordinarily a little red button beneath the appliance.

Septic Tanks: You'll definitely want a plumbing contractor or certified professional to check out your septic tank from time to time-trust us.

Basements: Are you aware your west- coast country mates don't have basements as a general rule? Don't take your basement for granted.

Kitchen: Never put oil based products down the drain. Really...never.

Bath and Shower: If you find your showerhead nozzle is spraying slightly funky, try cleaning it by soaking in vinegar to clean out the mineral deposit build up.


Toilet Humor
If a plumbing technician refers to his plumbing snake, don't panic...yet. A plumbing snake is just a bendable metal wire or coil used to remove debris from drain pipes. If any plumber refers to any part of their anatomy as their plumber’s snake, immediately call the police.