Prevent Backflow in Your Pipes, Sewers, and Toilets

Los Angeles backflow prevention services from KVA Plumbing help prevent flooding in your appliances. When they aren't working properly, your sewer, septic tank, sink, pipes, and other water fixtures can start to over flow. This is commonly observed in toilets, but can be a much bigger issue if the clog is deeper into the plumbing.

Backflow prevention generally includes making sure sewer lines or complex water systems aren't backflowing, or backing up water or sewage into places they don't belong. KVA can handle even the most complex commercial or industrial water systems, so call us today!

Tips from the Plumbing Company

Water: Make sure your water heater isn't set beyond 120 degrees. Any hotter than 120 degrees is almost never necessary, plus you may be putting you or other people at a greater risk of scalding.

Garbage Disposals: If your garbage disposal is blocked and you just get that buzzing sound, try hitting the reset before calling the plumbing company. It Is usually a small red button underneath the device.

Lavatory: Running toilets generally mean that the flushing mechanism has a broken seal. A new flushing apparatus can improve your toilet's performance and only cost about 15- 30 bucks at the home improvement store.

Laundry Room: Like your dishwasher, only run the washing machine when there is a full load. If washing a smaller load, make sure your water level is adjusted accordingly whenever possible.

Kitchen: Make sure there is not any water dripping under the faucet when the sink is running. It should never ever be wet. If you have water leaking contact KVA plumbing service right away!